Maximum security without sacrificing design and aesthetic appeal.


ClearVu has been engineered as an architectural perimeter security barrier that disappears into its surroundings.

With over 23 design registrations and patents, ClearVu has substantial benefits, making it the most secure, most attractive, most durable, cost-competitive, A+ Green rated fencing solution currently available. The high density, high tensile mesh includes apertures too narrow for finger and footholds, preventing climbing or cutting with standard tools, bolt cutters, etc.

ClearVu is approved as a category III type fencing system and complies with specifications as detailed for the National Key Point and by the Police Advisory Services.

Developed in collaboration with the architectural profession and Defence Agency tested, ClearVu Invisible Wall is the world’s only design inspired, recognised high-security barrier.

With this distinctive, ClearVu’s crisp, unobtrusive finish enhances the appearance of any facility.

Besides unparalleled appearance, durability, and cost-effectiveness. ClearVu Invisible Wall is approved as a Category III type fencing system – complying with the specifications detailed from the National Key Points and by Police Advisory Services.

Cochrane’s unique method of galvanizing and our patent Marine Fusion Bond coating offers a 25-year-maintenance-free life (Under normal conditions).


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Betafence is not only known to be a global leader in physical fencing solution, but they also focus on the implementation of environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. They use the best technologies and materials available to guarantee sustainable development. All Betafence steel fences, posts, rails, and security mesh panels are manufactured using recycled material.

Durable products are the basis for sustainable development. The longer lifetime of Betafence’s plastic-coated products is guaranteed by a careful selection of plastics based on their UV resistance, their adhesion performance and state-of-the-art coating technology.

Betafence offers robust, rigid, and durable panels with a high-density mesh fencing solution with engineered v-bends for rigidity. This makes cutting through with conventional hand-operated cutters extremely difficult. The small mesh apertures offer no toe or finger holds, minimizing efforts to climb over the fence.

This is an excellent perimeter choice where privacy is not your primary concern. Betafence offers exceptional visibility and appears almost invisible from a distance, making this the best application for digital surveillance from any angle.

Betafence is the ideal fencing solution for various applications ranging from residential to commercial properties.


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Considered the world’s most advanced fence

Protection of a wall in a transparent form

Difficult to cut and climb

25-year life guarantee in normal environments

Defence rated 4 type fence

Patent Protected

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